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"The coolers arrived yesterday and we're very pleased with them. Also the guy that did the delivery was brilliant, really helpful and was a pleasure to deal with (which is very different to Pow Wow!)"

Fleur Marney - Mothercare


Water Coolers

Angel Springs are dedicated to providing an excellent local delivery water cooler

  • You will be in contact with friendly, well trained, highly motivated staff.
  • Regular deliveries of refreshing Angel pure English Water, directly to your water cooler.
  • Our delivery staff ensure that you have adequate stocks to suit your requirements and the time of year.
  • All of our deliveries are free.

Water Coolers provied a healthier alternative to caffeine and fizzy drinks

  • BWCA guidelines insist that water coolers are sanitised every thirteen weeks to ensure your water you drink from your dispenser is delivered at the optimum quality.
  • The Angel Cooler Care program uses fully qualified engineers, trained in food hygiene to carry out this service at the required levels.
  • All of Angels locations have achieved 'Distinction' status in independent audits by the BWCA.

Water Coolers provied a healthier alternative to caffeine and fizzy drinks

It is pure chilled and refreshing. Water is second only to oxygen in maintaining life.

  • The key is to encourage your employees and provide easy access to fresh, chilled water all day every day and to help maintain a healthy and productive workplace and reduce sickness and absence.
  • Water is the human body's most essential nutrient - it is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water every day to stay healthy and well hydrated.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps concentration, removes toxins and reduces fatigue. This creates and maintains a healthy workforce that in turn raises performance levels and reduces sickness and absence.
  • If you have 4-5% less than the recommended daily amount of water, it can affect your mental and physical performance by up to 20-30%.

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